Volunteer Information

The Pearle L. Crawford Memorial Library is most grateful for our strong group of volunteers who help  keep the The Pearle running smoothly.
What Do I Need To Do To Become a Volunteer?
We welcome applications from prospective volunteers who are age 12 and older. Interested parties must fill out and submit to the library a completed volunteer application form.  You may stop by the library and obtain one from our circulation desk or download the form (link at bottom of this page).  You must also fill out and submit to the Selectmen's Office (3rd floor of the Town Hall) a completed CORI form.  This can also be obtained from our circulatin desk or downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.  Once the CORI comes back we will be in touch with you.
What would I do as a Volunteer?
Volunteers perform a variety of tasks in the library. They shelve books, make sure the books are in order on the shelves, retrieve requested books, clean, and countless other projects.
Volunteer Application Form