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12 book 12 month challenge   

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12 Months 12 Books

  • January: A book you read years ago that you may feel differently about now

  • February: A book with a color in the title

  • March: A book whose protagonist has a different culture or lifestyle from you

  • April: A book about nature, the environment, or climate change

  • May: A graphic novel

  • June: A book that inspired a film or television series

  • July: A book by an author born outside of the United States

  • August: A book whose title starts with the same letter as your birthday month

  • September: A debut book by a Massachusetts author

  • October: A book about a time in history you'd like to know more about

  • November: A relaxing, soul-soothing book

  • December: A well-reviewed book in your least favorite genre

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